PO Box 3677
Big Bear Lake
 CA 92315
Please also keep Sunday October 13 open to attend Sukkot at the Arkin’s (5:00pm)

Suggested Donation for High Holiday and all services
$50 for non-members per adult, $35 for members per adult, $18 for children 6-12
Please join and support B’nai Big Bear.
 Membership information provided upon request
Please RSVP by Wednesday September 25th for DINNER and SERVICES
Call 909 217-7205 -- E-mail bnaibigbear@aol.com -- Mail to B’nai Big Bear, PO Box 3677, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
Family Name(s): _______________________________________
How many ADULTS ______ CHILDREN _____will attend Sun evening Rosh Hashanah dinner?
Telephone: ____¬¬¬____________ Email: ___________________ Amount Enclosed: $_____________